Croatia is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean.

Croatia, which is located on the Adriatic Sea between Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, has over 1100 islands, eight protected national parks, and a number of UNESCO-listed cities and landmarks, making it an attractive tourist destination.

Coastal communities and island villages survive on the revenue generated by a sizable tourist influx, facilitated in large part by the number of sailing charter possibilities. As one of the major distributors of all types of boats, with a plethora of possibilities, boat hire enables travellers to visit even the most isolated communities, while also providing a stable source of revenue for these towns..


  • Dubrovnik was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1979. Dubrovnik, a city steeped in history, has always been connected to the sea. Built on marine trade, it developed into

Tivat to Dubrovnik

  • Are you beginning your sailing vacation in Tivat's Kotor Bay and looking for a route that concludes in Dubrovnik? Okay, you've arrived to the correct location! We've put together

7-days Sailing – Split

  • With over 1,200 islands Croatia is one of the favorite yacht charter destinations in the world and Split, located within comfortable sailing distance from the islands Brač, Hvar,


  • When it comes to the sailing, Kornati is the most visited national park in Croatia. And it's no wonder, with their ideal position in the center of the Adriatic, this route offers


  • We used the marina Mandalina in Ibenik as a jumping-off place for exploring this area. There are several causes for this. Marina Mandalina is home to a sizable fleet of 190 boats