SoleMarin Yachting's first brand partnership was with British Cobra RIB's, a custom-built premium performance boat manufacturer.

Today, SoleMarin Yachting offers a diverse product portfolio ranging from custom-built luxury RIB's to tender boats, day-cruisers, PWC's and wide range of luxury water toys from the world's most respected manufacturers.


  • The rigid inflatable boat is the most common support vessel for superyachts and fast cruising between locations. We offer RIBs in pre-designed or customized-to-order tender and/or


  • One of the most popular forms of boating is day cruising, since this catch-all term can include almost limitless activities. You may want to take the kids cruising to a beach for

Personal Water Crafts

  • If you want to feel the thrill of accelerating from standstill to 100km/h in under four seconds – without risking your neck on rock-hard asphalt – you have two choices: buy a

Luxury Water Toys

  • SoleMarin Yachting offers a variety of Luxury Water toys.At SoleMarin Yachting, we represent a large collection of premium water toys for sale and rental, with choices for every


  • Did you know, all our trailers come with the highest EU specification plus additional extras as standard? If you don’t need our full specification, give us a call to discuss other

Smart Mobility

  • A NEW CONCEPT OF MOBILITY,A golf cart (alternatively known as a golf buggy or golf car[a]) is a small motorized vehicle designed originally to carry two golfers and their golf