We believe yachts should be admired as a thing of beauty, upheld by dedicated craftsmanship and exhaustive attention to detail. It’s no coincidence our yachts look the way they do. Their magnetism is hard to resist. The experience is always memorable. They exude a confidence that matches their performance, instilling their passengers with strength, balance and serenity to truly become one with the elements.

In 2007, a seasoned captain and designer risked everything to establish the Maori Yacht shipyard in the medieval bay of Olbia. Inspired by the relentless strength, courage and determination of the earliest warriors of the sea, our founder sought to create yachts that are a force to be reckoned with. The first model, the groundbreaking 50ft gold, left a remarkable stamp in the market embodying the brand’s unwavering ability to outmaneuvre and outperform the competition in both performance and design.