If you would like to enjoy worry free yacht ownership without operational expenses, this is a program designed just for you. 

Together, we look at different options and offer you the flexibility of owning your dream yacht without the costs and challenges of traditional ownership.

  • Guaranteed Income Program
  • Active Yacht Ownership Program
  • Simple Ownership Program
  • Partnership Program

Decide in which area your catamaran is located. Thanks to our experience we know the best fleets worldwide.

We accompany you during the establishment of the company in the destination country and coordinate the contact with the charter company.

An important part in the overall calculation represents the maintenance and care of your yacht. Here we pay attention to fleets that also do a perfect job in the background and thus maximize the residual value of the yacht after 5 years.

Good reasons

  • SoleMarin Yachting takes care of distribution of your yacht
  • Own your own yacht - without stress and work
  • Finance your yacht with the charter income
  • As a yacht owner, use your weeks for your own use
  • Sell the yacht at the end or at any time for the maximum selling price thanks to excellent maintenance and care.