The rigid inflatable boat is the most common support vessel for superyachts and fast cruising between locations. We offer RIBs in pre-designed or customized-to-order tender and/or luxury models. Choose from small foldable F-RIBs to large luxury, super-powerful customized options. While inflatables have mostly been used as tenders and for commercial purposes to date, large RIB versions have gained wide acceptance in Mediterranean coastal area as dedicated pleasure boats. Will they catch on the same way in Turkish waters? That remains to be seen, but there’s no arguing about he rugged, seaworthy nature of inflatables.

RIBs are versatile crafts to shuttle guests or supplies, take short trips, or to enjoy the thrills of watersports.


  • 60 YEARS OF HISTORYThe “Cantieri Magazzu" are a modern reality in the field of ship design and

SeaWater Luxury RIBs

  • Water Rigid Inflatable Boats“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,,Sea Water means the desire to preserve the authentic RIB that once was.