Fethiye, ruled by the Lycians, who were known as the “People of the Land of Light”, and called the “Faraway Land” in ancient times, is a tourism resort that the entire world admires with its unique natural beauty, bays containing every tone of blue, and shining sun as well as its thousands of years of historical heritage.

Have your first pleasant conversations at the welcome cocktail, at which you will meet the captain and crew of the boat with which you will sail a turquoise sea where lush forests meet with blue waters. You will experience the excitement of outstanding views while parasailing, have everything that you expect from a holiday in beautiful facilities, change your perspective on life in this heavenly place where nature exhibits all its magnificence generously, and then you can start your journey on one of the Fethiye blue cruise routes.




Hoping that you realize all your dreams at the blue cruise stops that you will make when you sail from Fethiye, which is a natural harbour city in the western Mediterranean and a meeting point of blue and green with its ruins remaining from Lycian towns and spectacular beaches...

Göbün Bay - Hamam Bay

You will have the opportunity to visit rock-cut tombs and many historic ruins in Göbün Bay, where dense olive and pine trees welcome you.

You can fall into a reverie of history when you see the ruins of the bath in Hamam, Bay where it is claimed that Cleopatra swam and built a bath on the shore.

Sarsala Bay - Bedri Rahmi Bay

You can collect stones on the long beach of Sarsala Bay, surrounded by pine trees, and skim stones on the sea.

The oleander flowers and turquoise waters in Bedri Rahmi Bay, where the fish painted on a rock by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a poet and painter, will welcome you and spirit you away into a fantastic world!

Kille Cove - Günlüklü Bay

There is a hidden water source in Kille Cove, where you will find a church among the rocks behind the beach and where you can surf.

You can also enjoy hammocking in Günlüklü Bay, where the sea is no deeper than 10 m and which has a spectacular natural beauty with its trees that provide shade from the scorching sun.

Göcek Island

A mirror-like sea, a sheltered beach and fresh air. Göcek Island is such a beauty that blue cruise boats cannot pass it by.

Yassıca Island – Tersane Island (Shipyard Island)

The shallow and clear waters of Yassıca Island, where blue cruise adventurers become poets on seeing the charming view that presents itself while the sun sets, are a golden opportunity for those who want to do water sports.

Tersane Island (Shipyard Island) with two bays, known as summer bay and winter bay, is quite a popular blue beauty because it is the largest island in the gulf of Fethiye.

Domuz Adası (Pig Island) – Kızıl Ada (Red Island)

You will be so fascinated when you see the underwater ruins in Domuz Adası (Pig Island), named after the wild boars on the island!

Kızıl Ada (Red Island), where the stones and ground turn red at sunset and where there is no structure other than the lighthouse in the south, has large and small rocks for those who want to dive.


Welcome back to paradise Fethiye, where your blue cruise began. Hope to see you again in another blue cruise adventure...



After a welcome cocktail during which you will meet the captain and crew of the boat sailing from Fethiye, where your blue cruise adventure begins and which is famous world-wide for its ancient ruins, spectacular natural beauty, beaches where blue and green come together, and touristic facilities in which vacationers of all ages spend pleasant moments, you will set sail on the blue waters.

Kocabük - Ağa Harbour

Kocabük, where you can enjoy swimming in the clear waters, is an attractive stopover for blue cruise boats.

You will have enjoyable moments in Ağa Harbour with twin bays for swimming, fishing and taking long walks.

Kumlubük - Cennet Island - Marmaris

You will enjoy the privilege of visiting the Acropolis, the altar of Dionysus and the temple in Kumlubük, where you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Amos. You can eat delicious foods from menus with various appetizers and grilled dishes in restaurants combined with cushioned cabins on the bay and be embraced by the spectacular view while spending enjoyable moments diving into crystal clear waters.

Cennet Island (Paradise Island), which you can reach across Yalancı Strait on a hike accompanied by a fascinating view of lush green trees, certainly deserves its name.

The ancient cities, natural beauties, nature suitable for tourism in all seasons and unique landscape, created by sweetgum vegetation found nowhere else in the world, of Marmaris, which has beautiful coves on its long coastline and is one of the favourite tourist resorts of the Mediterranean, are just some evidences of why this unique world of blue is so world-renowned.

Ekincik Gulf - Dalyan

Unspoilt nature, a calm sea, a view that will make you feel peace in all your cells... you can safely dive into your blue dreams in the gulf of Ekincik.

A small world free from stress and demands awaits you in Dalyan, where you can recover your health in the thermal waters dating back to the Roman period and you can do water sports on the beach.

Göbün Bay - Hamam Bay

The colourful nature and wiggling fish of Göbün Bay, which literally looks like a tropical island, will make you happy just like a child!

You can quietly sail the fabulous blue waters of Hamam Bay, which is famous for the ruins of the bath that is believed to have been built by Cleopatra.

Bedri Rahmi Bay - Yassıca Island

The fish depicted on a rock that welcomes you was painted by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a poet and painter, and the bay now goes under the name of this important artist. It is impossible not to be inspired in this magnificent place.

Yassıca Ada with shallow waters where especially families with young children can safely sail the blue is another corner of paradise also famous for its view at sunset.

Tersane Island (Shipyard Island) – Kızıl Ada (Red Island)

Tersane Island (Shipyard Island), where you can safely swim in the wind-free bay, has blue beauties and a spectacular view that you will enjoy to the full.

It is quite romantic to swim at sunset on Kızıl Ada (Red Island), where you will be fascinated by the glowing view reflected over the stones and sand by the sunset!


You are back in Fethiye, the world's apple of the eye, from your blue cruise during which you have enriched your own world. Hoping to be together again in whole new blue adventures...



With its Lycian towns, landscape where blue and green comes together in harmony, magnificent bays, night-life, pristine beaches and unique bays, Fethiye is one of the most ideal corners that you can choose for your blue cruise adventure.

Butterfly Valley - Ölüdeniz - Gemiler Island

With its tiger-striped butterflies that do not exist anywhere else in the world, waterfalls, rocky slopes where you can experience the excitement of climbing, Butterfly Valley is literally a little paradise where you can enjoy the view and a completely different natural life to the fullest.

Ölüdeniz, where blue and green come together and which is world-famous for its turquoise waters, especially at sunset, is like a live postcard where you can experience peace, fun and adventure at the same time.

The Byzantine ruins which you can see through the sea in the crescent-shaped bay of Gemiler Island will offer you a swimming opportunity of historic value.

Yeşilköy - Kaş

You can enjoy the sea in Yeşilköy with its crystal clear waters, a preferred anchoring place for blue cruise boats.

Kaş, a fishing, yachting and tourist resort surrounded by steep hills, is built around the ruins of the ancient city Antiphelos. Kaş which is one of the most important cities of Lycia with a rocky coastline providing direct access to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean was the Episcopal centre during the Byzantine period. A fascinating landscape, crystal clear sea, the sun that warms you... Welcome to Kaş!

Kekova - Üçağız Bay

Kekova, which has an important historical value with the ancient city of Apollonia and the castle of Great Simena (Kaleköy), has crystal clear blue beauties because it is a natural harbour.

The blue cruise stopover with clear waters and a mild climate all year round where the ruins of the ancient tomb and tower survive to the present day is Üçağız Bay.

Demre – Gökkaya

The scent of spring flowers, lemon and orange trees will carry you away in Demre, which bears traces of the Lycian civilization. If you pass out from the irresistibility of this scent, you can always abandon yourself to the azure waters to revive your spirits.

Do not forget to enjoy the crystal clear sea in Gökkaya, where you can see the cisterns and Lycian ruins with monumental tombs and a church!

 Kaputaş Beach - Kalkan

The natural beauty where you can personally experience the view of blue gradually dispersing into the deep sea as shown in photos is Kaputaş Beach.

The small, lovely and innocent smelling holiday resort is Kalkan with its Greek houses where you can eat delicious foods in the local restaurants.

Turunç Fountain - Samanlık Bay

You will never forget the taste of the sea foods that you eat in the gourmet restaurants of Turunç Fountain, which attracts the attention of blue cruise lovers with its citrus trees and fresh water sources!

If you like, you can have a small picnic in Samanlık Bay covered with pine trees and clear fresh waters.


Welcome to the small paradise Fethiye where your blue cruise began. Hoping to dive into the blue together again when you experience completely different adventures...