5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Chartering Your First Boat

Travel is booming as the pandemic rounds the corner and everyone wants to leave the confines of lockdown behind. Of course, international travel is still tricky, so destinations in the Mediterranean and Aegean’s Sea are bracing for a year of visitor volume that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Included in domestic travel is boat and yacht charter. If you’re a first-time charterer, ask yourself a few questions before booking what could be the best time of your life.

Boating Tips

Those who are new to the boating world, as well as those who are new to owning their own boat, may feel overwhelmed. However, we've put together this list of the finest boating advice for beginners to help you get on and stay on the water fast and safely.


One of the most popular forms of boating is day cruising, since this catch-all term can include almost limitless activities. You may want to take the kids cruising to a beach for swims and picnics, run across the bay for a meal at a waterfront restaurant, visit a historic town by water, or just meander up a river to see the sights. All of these are different forms of day cruises.


SoleMarin Yachting's first brand partnership was with British Cobra RIB's, a custom-built premium performance boat manufacturer. Today, SoleMarin Yachting offers a diverse product portfolio ranging from custom-built luxury RIB's to tender boats, day-cruisers, PWC's and wide range of luxury water toys from the world's most respected manufacturers.


Croatia is one of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean.Croatia, which is located on the Adriatic Sea between Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, has over 1100 islands, eight protected national parks, and a number of UNESCO-listed cities and landmarks, making it an attractive tourist destination.Coastal communities and island villages survive on the revenue generated by a sizable tourist influx, facilitated in large part by the number of sailing charter possibilities. As one of the major distributors of all types of boats, with a plethora of possibilities, boat hire enables travellers to visit even the most isolated communities, while also providing a stable source of revenue for these towns..

Flipper Boats

https://www.flipperboats.fi/FUN, SOCIAL AND SPORTY EXPERIENCEWITH STYLE AND QUALITYFlipper takes the dynamic, active boaters to all new levels of enjoyment. The heritage of aesthetics and speed, nurtured by famous designers throughout the decades, is clearly present in every one of our models. Take it out for a leisurely cruise, head out for a longer trip or simply invite friends to spend a relaxed evening at the pier – Flipper provides an ideal setting to enjoy life in so many ways. FLIPPER IS ONE BRAND OF NIMBUS GROUP FAMILY.

Invictus Yachts

The brand Invictus produces cabin cruisers and outboard boats. There are 10 models currently in production ranging from 8 to 15 meters. The current model range includes 2 lines: GT and T. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Invictus and contact us for sales and pricing information.


Taking Children on a CruiseMany of our clients wonder if it's a good idea to bring their children along, not just because of obvious safety issues, but also because they believe the children will become stuck on the boat and ruin their vacation. Of course, this is feasible, but in our experience, children learn to be on the yacht, respect the boat's regulations, like taking responsibility, and behave better when given responsibilities. In a nutshell, children enjoy boats!


60 YEARS OF HISTORYThe “Cantieri Magazzu" are a modern reality in the field of ship design and construction.www.magazzu.com


Moisture, oxidation, extended parking, and frequent use of the boat in a harsh sea environment all have a severe effect on your beauty's "health." To do this, it is required to execute planned technological measures on a regular basis, as well as quick diagnoses of concerns and their professional resolution.


You enjoy it, let us take care of it!Our professional team takes the hassle out of boat ownership.

Manda Yachts

Italian Design byceccarelli italian design yachts

Personal Water Crafts

If you want to feel the thrill of accelerating from standstill to 100km/h in under four seconds – without risking your neck on rock-hard asphalt – you have two choices: buy a ticket at Space X or hop on a jetski. PWC (personal watercraft). These water bikes are built for excitement and often come with engines that provide as much power as a sports car. Do you think it can be refreshing to step on the gas on a 3 meter boat armed with 320 HP? Then you are right.


The rigid inflatable boat is the most common support vessel for superyachts and fast cruising between locations. We offer RIBs in pre-designed or customized-to-order tender and/or luxury models. Choose from small foldable F-RIBs to large luxury, super-powerful customized options. While inflatables have mostly been used as tenders and for commercial purposes to date, large RIB versions have gained wide acceptance in Mediterranean coastal area as dedicated pleasure boats. Will they catch on the same way in Turkish waters? That remains to be seen, but there’s no arguing about he rugged, seaworthy nature of inflatables.RIBs are versatile crafts to shuttle guests or supplies, take short trips, or to enjoy the thrills of watersports.

SBS Trailers Ltd

SBS TrailersTHE BOAT TRAILER SPECIALISTSDesigned and Manufactured in the UK Since 1959Bespoke DesignPut your dream boat trailer in the hands of the master craftsmen at SBS Trailers and you’ll have a bespoke design trailer that’s been crafted from start to finish with flair and skill.Our team is highly experienced in every aspect of the design process. By taking a collaborative and transparent approach, we take your project from concept to reality in a smooth, seamless process.We’ve built our business by listening to our customers, and are confident we’ll be able to help you bring to life your bespoke design. We take the time to understand your exact requirements so that we can craft a specialist trailer that is uniquely yours. We’ll keep you informed throughout the various stages of your bespoke build, so you’ll be able to see your design come together.At SBS, we handle a lot of tenders for specialist boat trailers from large corporations to Ministry of Defence contracts. Alongside our skill and expertise, it’s our collaborative way of working that our customers truly value. We relish working with stakeholders to produce an end result that meets precise requirements and exceeds expectations.When you bring your custom build concept to SBS Trailers you’ll be at the start of an exciting journey. With ingenuity, passion, and years of expertise in the business, we are the people to trust with your bespoke design. Let us take it from paper to reality.R4 3500EL 28ft Easy Loader Roller Boat Trailer" target="_blank">JS750 Jet Ski Trailer" target="_blank">

SeaWater Luxury RIBs

http://www.seawater.it/en/Sea Water Rigid Inflatable Boats“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,,Sea Water means the desire to preserve the authentic RIB that once was. Without superstructures, appendages or other useless and unattractive frills. The tube, a slender and clear-cut silhouette from stern to bow, like a vital organ with which the boat feels the environment around it and which protects it. The deck, spacious and tidy, to live and to love, like one’s own home. An uncomplicated outline, with only the essential, where everything is in the right place and nothing exceeds and nothing lacks. Love for tradition, but with a glance forward, looking into innovation and design to see what can be dared, without abandoning what is truly necessary and authentic. All this is Sea Water: a different way of living the sea." target="_blank">" target="_blank">" target="_blank">" target="_blank">" target="_blank">


As Solemarin, we provide solutions for boat owners with companies that have service and maintenance authorization certificates of reliable brands in the sector in many fields such as lifeboat, RIB, sailboat, catamaran and motor yacht.


WINTER STORAGEThe winter storage of a fibreglass boat requires care in order to ensure that the boat and its accessories will stay neat and tidy for as long as possible. The first thing to do is to wash and clean the boat as carefully as possible. You should move any cushions or other textiles into a dry place so that they will not absorb moisture during storage. The boat should be taken out of the water a few weeks before the temperature dips below freezing.Protect your electrical systemsThe boat’s electronics and batteries should be placed in dry and warm storage if possible, since the cold and damp outside air is not good for them. A recommended additional measure is spraying the boat’s fixed electrical connectors and grounding points with an anti-corrosion agent such as WD-40. If you intend to store the batteries in the boat over the winter, you should charge them fully in the autumn.Support with careBoats should be stored on purpose-built trestles or stocks and supported so that the boat’s load is evenly distributed, preferably along the entire length of the hull and keel. This will prevent nasty concentrated loads on the boat’s hull.Protect it from the rain and snowYou should also protect your boat from the rain, snow and sunlight, for example with a tarpaulin. The protection should nevertheless be installed to ensure maximum ventilation inside the boat. Also, make sure that the tarpaulin will not flap in the wind. A rough tarpaulin slapped by the wind against the boat’s hull all winter can leave nasty abrasions on the boat’s paint. You should, therefore, minimise and protect the points of contact when securing your tarpaulin. Erecting a suitable tent or shelter over your boat is a good way of protecting it for the winter. To maximise ventilation, you should also leave all hatches and compartments as open as possible.Remember ventilationTo prevent stuffiness and mould, you can supplement careful ventilation with moisture absorbers that will absorb any condensation.Remember the engineYou should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the winter storage of your outboard engine. If the engine is to remain mounted on the boat for the duration of storage, you should have it checked and serviced before cold storage. The engine’s water jacket should also be completely drained in order to prevent freezing and corrosion. We recommend emptying the fuel system where possible. If this is not possible, you should mix a seasonal storage or stabilising agent in the fuel to prevent slime or lime from clogging the nozzles and pumps.Inboard engines should also be prepared for winter storage as carefully as possible and, to prevent freezing, you should ensure that no water remains in any systems. Anti-freeze needs to be added to the cooling systems of some boats and removed in the spring.Prepare for freezingThe bilge, septic, fresh and other water systems of all boats must be drained before winter storage, since water expands when it freezes, which can cause damage.Source

Yacht and Boat Insurance

We offer the insurance coverage that best meets your needs based on the type of boat or yacht, navigation region, purposes, and operating characteristics.


Yachts are luxurious recreational vessels designed for pleasure cruising, leisure activities, and private use. They are typically larger than traditional boats and offer a wide range of amenities and features to provide a comfortable and opulent experience on the water.


ANCHORINGYou can use the anchor provided with your boat to moor the boat when a pier or other fixed mooring place is not available. In open waters, for example, the boat can be anchored to maintain position. There are a variety of different anchor types, and there is a perfect weight and type for each boat. The anchor should be sufficiently heavy and have adequate lengths of chain and anchor rope. If the anchor rope is not long enough, the mooring line can rise at too steep an angle, in which case the anchor will not function properly.Formula for choosing an anchorIf no anchor was supplied with your boat, you can calculate the appropriate weight with the following formula: Anchor weight (KG) = boat length (m) + boat width (m) + boat weight (t). For example, a Bella 600 BR would need an anchor weighing 9.5 kilogrammes.Source: bellaboats.fi


BEACHINGEvery beaching operation should be planned in advance and executed calmly and deliberately. Prudence and anticipation will guarantee that your boat stays clean and dent-free. The structure of a fibreglass boat permits beaching if it is done with care, but you should steer clear of the rockiest beaches to be safe.Clear division of responsibilitiesYou should choose your beaching spot in advance and establish a clear division of responsibilities on board. The crew often functions best when the skipper pilots the boat while the rest of the crew assist in beaching according to rules and guidelines agreed upon in advance. A controlled and well-planned beaching does not require idle chatter, and can even be managed without a word if everyone on board knows what to do.Easy does itYou should adapt your beaching speed to the prevailing conditions to enable safe and controlled stopping. When nearing the beach, you should lower your speed in good time before approaching the shoreline. You can also trim the outboard engine up to ensure that it will not touch bottom. This will also minimise the effects of your own wake and enable you to beach the boat in style, without undue bobbing and moving about.Size does matterYou should think carefully before trying to beach boats with an unloaded weight of more than one thousand kilogrammes in shallow waters, as heavy boats can easily become stuck in sand, making them hard to launch again. In any case, large boats must always be beached very carefully and in a planned fashion. Check the location, the equipment required for beaching and the division of duties before beginning the actual approach. The wake created by a large boat also requires careful consideration, since it can have a significant effect on other boats moored or beached at the same beach.Safety from hand signsFinger and hand signs are handy for indicating distances during beaching if the skipper does not have a direct line of sight to the water at the bow or stern. Being able to anticipate the potential effects of wind and seas on the boat is also important. A competent skipper is also able to take upcoming changes in the weather into account when choosing a beaching spot.Source: https://www.bellaboats.fi/boating-tips/beaching/

Before Sailing

Going boating is always a meaningful activity. You should nevertheless remember to take the right equipment with you and ensure that it is in working order. Careful planning and proper preparation assure the success of many boating trips.Consider the weatherRemember to check the weather forecast before setting out on the water. Suddenly changing conditions can spoil your trip or even pose a danger. If a general storm warning has been issued, you should postpone your trip if at all possible.Check your equipmentChecking the equipment and taking care of the boat are part of the routine of every boater. You must check that all equipment required by law or necessary for safety is on board and is in working order. Such equipment includes lifejackets for passengers, extinguishing and drainage equipment, signalling devices, oars or a paddle, an anchor and ropes. You should also bring a chart of the area and calculate that you have enough fuel to reach the destination. Every boat should carry some extra fuel for reaching the nearest shore if the weather or other factors change the calculated fuel consumption.Load properlyLoading and the proper placement of items are important considerations that have a material impact on safety and the boat’s handling. Boats should be loaded so that their centre of gravity is located as low and close to the centre of the hull as possible, so that the boat will not heel unnecessarily in rough seas. You should also check the engine and electrical devices and have them serviced if necessary before setting out.Source

Cruising Fast and Far

When it comes to boating, performance is more important than any on-water activity for those who are into it. If you're itching to get your hands on something new, consider building a machine with a water toy. To top it all off, you'll be able to take a dip in the ocean whenever you're wanting a hairpin turn or a jazzed marine stereo.Speed isn't the only consideration when it comes to boats. Everything that comes with them—the sophisticated control systems, the bells and whistles, and even your riding gear—is what sets them apart from the rest of the pack. For a race or a day of water activities, you can deck out your boat in bright decor. Or, you may make it such that it's perfect for a fishing trip or a day out with the family.It is impossible to forget the exhilaration of your first boat ride, and everything else will be a breeze after that.

Do it in style!

It's always more fun to share a big life event like a boat purchase with the people you care about. Having a boat is a great opportunity to express your individuality while also rewarding yourself and your loved ones with a memorable day or night on the sea. Owning a boat means you'll never run out of things to do with your pals, whether it's throwing a private party on the waves or taking them to your favourite waterfront restaurant.With a boat, you may create memories that will last a lifetime—imagine relaxing on the water with your loved one, or learning a new water activity, or simply taking some time off from your hectic schedule. You and your pals can get away from the pressures of daily life by taking a ride in one of these cars. Even better, when you own a boat, you can take advantage of these opportunities whenever you choose, because they are always just a dockside away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Yacht Charter Questions

Göcek-Bodrum-Göcek (14 Nights)

GÖCEK - BODRUM – GÖCEK / 14 NIGHTSGöcekAfter a welcome cocktail, you can board your blue cruise from Göcek, a calm holiday destination with protected wonderful environment, pristine blue waves, nice locals, and historic ruins.Tersane Island (Shipyard Island) - Ağa HarbourThe ruins of an Ottoman shipyard may be seen in the winter harbour on Tersane Island (Shipyard Island), the largest island in the Gulf of Göcek. Summer harbour, secluded bay, symbolises blue charms that blue cruise boats prefer to stop by.Ekincik Gulf - DalyanThe Gulf of Ekincik will provide unique blue cruise adventures with its long pebbled beach, nature, breathtaking scenery, and crystal blue waves.Bozukkale – BozburunBozukkale retains the atmosphere of the past with its forts and turrets.Bozburun, where gulet-type boats are manufactured, is a calm place to escape the people and bustle.DatçaDatça will interest you with its unique structures, as it inspired poet Can Yücel with its gorgeous bays, pleasant sun, sheltered beaches, and ancient history!Knidos - Orak IslandKnidos' historical attractions include an antique theatre, two Byzantine churches, and an Aphrodite temple.Orak Island has a beautiful blue with crystal-clear waters like an aquarium.BodrumBodrum, with its ancient ruins, vibrant nightlife, lovely bays, and breathtaking views, is a blue cruiser's dream.Palamutbükü - MersincikMersincik Bay is a spot where you can wander through beautiful green forests and swim in blue waters.Aktur Bay - Bencik BayHow about breathing in peace in Aktur Bay, a naturally oxygenated area?Bencik Bay, with its breathtaking views and tiny inlet, is a natural treasure.Emel Sayın-Orhaniye-SelimiyeIn Emel Sayın Bay, you can enjoy the fresh air and hum charming songs while admiring the stunning surroundings.Orhaniye Bay is a blue cruise stopover for tourists seeking deep blue waters.The sun setting behind the mountains at sunset gives the view in Selimiye Bay a rich red. Other than the Hellenistic ruins, you'd like to see an observation tower, a lighthouse, a monastery, and a theatre.Serçe Bay - Kadırga BayThe Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum displays the ruins at Serçe Bay.Kadırga Bay has calm blue waters for swimming.Göbün - HamamTo observe the rock-cut tombs and ancient ruins near Göbün Bay, you'll need to go blue!You can find hope in the blue heritage of Hamam Bay, where Cleopatra allegedly swam and erected a bath on the shore.Sarsala-Bedri RahmiA lengthy pine-lined beach, a wonderful café, blue waves... Sarsala Bay, indeed.Bedri Rahmi Eyübolu, a poet and painter, painted the fish on the rock. Isn't this stunning beauty inspiring?Zeytin Island – Yassıca IslandZeytin Island, home to an Ottoman olive oil factory, is the only privately held island.The sunsets on Yassca Island are more poetically gorgeous, allowing you to fully embrace romanticism.GöcekWe've returned at Göcek, the starting point of your blue voyage. Wishing you new blue dreams...

Göcek-Hisarönü-Bodrum (One Way)

4GÖCEK - HİSARÖNÜ BAY - BODRUM / 7 NIGHTSGöcek - Yassıca IslandWith its natural beauties under protection, lovely houses, warm local life, magnificent bays, and ancient ruins, Göcek is a great holiday resort where those who dream about a blue voyage could realize their dreams.Following a welcome cocktail during which you will meet the captain and crew of the boat, you can start sailing to Yassıca Island, where you can enjoy water sports in the shallow waters and spend poetic moments accompanied by the spectacular sunset views.Bedri Rahmi Bay - Hamam BayThe bay of the ravishing beauty that Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a poet and painter, admired and where he painted a fish on a rock, and which has been called Bedri Rahmi Bay since then, is charming with its lily flowers and turquoise waters.You can be sure that you will spend unforgettable times in Hamam Bay, which is a corner of paradise where you can walk like old-time heroes among the ruins of the bath that was allegedly built by Cleopatra.Göbün Bay - Tersane Island (Shipyard Island)You will have the privilege of seeing the rock-cut tombs and ancient ruins in Göbün Bay with its narrow entrance covered with dense olive trees and pine trees!You can spend time in touch with nature and history while looking at the ruins of about a hundred ancient houses on Tersane Island (Shipyard Island), which is the largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye with its sheltered coves on the eastern side, known as the Summer Harbour.Ekincik Gulf - DalyanYou will personally witness the magnificence of nature in the Gulf of Ekincik with its calm and peaceful beach and untouched natural beauty.Dalyan, which is a peaceful blue where you can do enjoyable water sports and recover your health in its thermal springs dating back to the Roman period, is like a small gift of God to blue cruise travelers.Bozukkale – BozburunBozukkale, where the ancient castle and towers have survived in a very well-preserved condition to the present day and which was formerly a touring field for British naval ships, is now among the blue beauties that blue cruise explorers admire.You can stroll among timber-smelling shops and enrich your perspective on life with different experiences in Bozburun, a place world-renowned for building gulet-type boats and yachts.Aktur Bay - DatçaAktur, a place naturally rich in oxygen, will heal you and change your mood as well with its fresh and clean air.With its unique housing, magnificent coves, warm local life, and ancient ruins bearing the traces of a long history, Datça, of which poet Can Yücel loved to say “Let Datça be my place” is happy to welcome you as an unrivaled landscape and living area!Palamutbükü - KnidosPalamutbükü, which is the most beautiful beach on the Datça peninsula, is a heavenly place where you will feel at peace with its gardens surrounded by mountains, crystal clear sea, and fresh air.Knidos, famous for its fish, is one of the most important ancient cities of Anatolia. Knidos will take its place among your most beautiful memories with its Byzantine churches, the ancient theatre, the Temple of Aphrodite, and the great acropolis.BodrumBodrum is a world-renowned holiday resort with its foam-like white houses, magnificent bays, ancient historical heritage, and fun-filled nightlife. You can continue your blue voyage, which started in Göcek, by diving into new dreams in Bodrum.Bodrum is a world-renowned holiday resort with its foam-like white houses, magnificent bays, ancient historical heritage, and fun-filled nightlife. You can continue your blue voyage, which started in Göcek, by diving into new dreams in Bodrum.


GÖCEK – FETHİYE – KEKOVA - GÖCEK / 7 NIGHTSGöcekGöcek is a blue dreamland that is a favorite among those who seek a peaceful and quiet blue cruise with its clear coves where the spirit of history will accompany you and where you will be fascinated by the beauty of nature with the ancient ruins.Butterfly Valley - Ölüdeniz - Gemiler IslandWith its tiger-striped butterflies only found here, waterfalls, rocky slopes where you can do some really exciting climbing, and spectacular scenery, Butterfly Valley is one of the true paradises in this world.Ölüdeniz, which the world admires for its turquoise waters, has everything you would expect from a holiday resort. The spectacular scenery, sparkling sun, waters that allow you to do water sports, fresh and clean air in which you can try parasailing, ancient ruins... This is Ölüdeniz with everything you would expect from a blue voyage.With its crescent-shaped bay and Byzantine ruins that you can see through the sea, Gemiler Island is one of the popular places that blue cruise boats stop by.Kalkan – KaşKalkan, which has traditional white Greek houses with slatted shutters adorned with flowers, a small marina, narrow streets, lovely local people, and a spectacular sunset view, is a small haven of peace where you can save the most beautiful memories.Kaş, fishing, yachting, and tourist resort surrounded by large and steep hills built around the ruins of the ancient Antipholus has a rocky coastline providing direct access to the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Kaş, one of the most important cities of Lycia, was an Episcopal center during the Byzantine period. Kaş is a natural beauty where you will breathe history, peace, and the sense of discovering every moment.Kekova - Üçağız BayKekova, a natural harbor, is an enchanting beauty of nature with its magnificent coves and turquoise sea. The ancient city of Apollonia and Great Simena (Kaleköy) Castle are important centers of attraction for those who want to lose themselves in the vast depths of history.Another enchanting blue cruise stopover is Üçağız Bay with its deep blue waters and natural beauties where there are three seasons of spring and one season of summer and where the ruins of tombs and towers have survived to the present day.Demre – GökkayaDemre, where you can enjoy greenhouses, sparkling waters, and nature with the sweet smell of spring flowers and citrus trees, carries traces of Lycian civilization. Do not forget to visit the Church of St. Nicholas famous for its arched halls and mosaics.You will have the opportunity to see the Lycian ruins with cisterns, monumental tombs, and a church in Gökkaya, which is an ideal stopover for blue cruise boats because it has many accommodation facilities and is protected from the wind.Kaputaş Beach - YeşilköyWith its sea in which you will have enjoyable moments with awesome waves and where you can see every tone of blue emerge gradually, Kaputaş Beach is a place where you will experience your most vibrant blue cruise adventures.The blue cruise stopover where you can meet travelers from other blue cruise boats if you like, and where you can eat delicious foods in small restaurants is Yeşilköy.Hamam Bay - Bedri Rahmi Bay - Yassıca IslandHamam Bay with a historical value because of the legend that Cleopatra swam here and built a bath on the coast offers unique scenery due to its tectonic coastal formation.Bedri Rahmi Bay, where the fish is painted on a rock by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, a poet and painter, welcomes you, will fascinate you with the fantastic scenery that the oleander flowers and small beaches with turquoise waters create!It is a privilege to watch the sunset on Yassıca Island, where you can do water sports in its shallow waters.GöcekWishing to be together again in your next blue cruise dreams...


GÖCEK – MARMARİS – GÖCEK / 7 NIGHTSDay-1 Göcek – KocabükAfter a welcome cocktail and introductions to the captain and crew of the boat, you can begin sailing to Kocabük, where you can enjoy swimming to your heart's content.Day-2 Kumlubük - Cennet Island - MarmarisWhen you visit the Acropolis, the altar of Dionysus, and the temple at Kumlubük, where you can view Amos' ruins, you'll feel like a hero from a fairy tale. Restaurants with cushioned cabins on the bay provide wonderful meals from menus that include a variety of appetisers and grilled dishes, and guests may spend their free time diving in the bay's pristine waters.Cennet Island, which is covered in forests, and you can swim in the crystal-clear waters.Marmaris is one of the most popular Mediterranean tourist destinations because of its various bays, where you can see every shade of green and blue. With its ancient cities, natural splendours, year-round tourism appeal, and a landscape dominated by the sweetgum plantation found nowhere else on Earth, Marmaris is a must-stop for blue cruise ships.Day-3 Ekincik Gulf - DalyanIn the Gulf of Ekincik, you will feel as if you are in a postcard, with its serene, calm beach and unspoilt natural beauty.Dalyan is a tranquil azure where you may enjoy water activities such as banana boating or water skiing along its shoreline and rejuvenate your health at Roman-era thermal springs.Day-4 Gökgemile Bay - Göbün BayYou may unwind and relax in Gökgemile Bay, a tranquil wonder of nature that is densely forested.Göbün Bay, with its view of a tropical island and its wiggling fish, is another blue wonder.Day-5 Hamam Bay - Sarsala BayHamam Bay, where Cleopatra is said to have swum, is a natural marvel where the remnants of the spa, embellished with silver-colored stones, will enchant you.Sarsala Bay is an unspoilt bay that is one of the world's reflections of heaven. Marsala Bay is reputed to offer the most stunning beaches in Turkey; let's find out what you think...Day-6 Domuz Adası (Pig Island) – Tersane Adası (Shipyard Island)Domuz Adas (Pig Island), where you can discover submerged ruins, is named for the wild boars that live here.On Tersane Adas (Shipyard Island), the largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye, you may enjoy swimming to your heart's content without having to contend with the wind.Day-7 Bedri Rahmi Bay - Yassıca Island – Göcek IslandThe lily blooms and turquoise seas of Bedri Rahmi Bay, where "Fish Rock" is called after a painting of a fish by poet and painter Bedri Rahmi Eyübolu, will welcome you and transport you to a poetic realm.Göcek Island is the ideal location for people seeking a quiet, serene, and peaceful blue cruise.GöcekWelcome back to Göcek, the starting point of your blue cruise fantasy, with its untouched environment and stunning bays that can compete with many other tourist destinations! Wishing to dive into additional blue dreams with you...

Marmaris-Bodrum-Marmaris(14 Nights)

Marmaris – Bodrum – Marmaris / 14 NightsMarmarisIt is time to sail towards seas where you will experience completely different adventures from Marmaris, an irreplaceable holiday destination for blue cruise enthusiasts where green and blue comes together during all four seasons and with numerous bays and pristine beaches on the long coastline, a long history and many tourist facilities. Have a great blue voyage!Serçe BayThe ruins in Serçe Bay, a beautiful blue stopover, are exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum. Let's see what you will discover in this beautiful bay...Palamutbükü - KnidosPalamutbükü, where you can sunbath with pleasure on the wide beach and swim as happy as children in crystal clear waters, is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.An ancient theatre, two Byzantine churches and a sacred temple of Aphrodite are among the places that you must see in Knidos, which is a home to magnificent ancient ruins. In the clean waters of Knidos, a fishing town, you can swim as happy as a fish.BodrumBodrum, the first place where the Fisherman of Halicarnassus dived into the blue voyage dream, is a magnificent, world-renowned holiday destination with its history, nature, bays, air and life.Karaada - Orak IslandThe hot water from the cave in Karaada, which is a healing place with its sulphurous waters and mud baths, brings you youth and beauty.Orak Island, covered with olive trees, is famous for its crystal clear waters and unspoilt natural beauty. There is nothing of the stressful city life here!Kissebükü – Çökertme BayThe places that you must visit in Kissebükü, the name of which is derived from the word “church” because of the Byzantine monasteries, are Yalıköy, Akarca, Çatal and the ruins of a cottage, bath, cistern and church. A brilliant beach scenery covered with oleander flowers will fascinate you.Çökertme Bay will be the address for the most wonderful times that you spend with your loved ones with its wind-free sheltered cove covered with very high pine and olive trees and restaurants where you can eat delicious foods.Tuzla Bay - Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands)The blue stopover where you can experience adventures like spear fishing or sponge fishing is Tuzla Bay.Yedi Adalar (Seven Islands) is the place of which the Fisherman of Halicarnassus said “it is as if the islands here are hanging in the sky. Here is the centre of Gökova, of the world” - an exquisite natural beauty with its rich underwater fauna, spectacular waters and fascinating scenery where you will find a haven in peace, far away from stress.Mersincik Bay - InceburunMersincik Bay, a small bay surrounded by high forests, is a small and charming blue stopover with its crystal clear waters.Crystal clear waters, a warm wind, a breath-taking scenery where you will enjoy the feeling of freedom... Welcome to Inceburun!Datça - Bencik BayDatça is literally a small paradise with its unique houses, warm life, spectacular waters, inspiring view and fresh air.The fascinating place where you entered the magnificent scenery through a narrow inlet and where you will feel as if you are in a universe of fairy tales is Bencik Bay.Orhaniye Bay - Selimiye BayYou can spend the most exciting moments of your blue cruise adventure in Orhaniye Bay, where you will enjoy the pleasure of diving and swimming in the deep waters to the full.The blue stopover where you will spend romantic moments watching the magnificent sunset with your loved ones is Selimiye Bay.BozburunThe blue stopover where you will have a chat with sponge workers and masters of gulet-type boat building and where you will find peace of mind is Bozburun.BozukkaleDiscover history in Bozukkale, an ancient city with the ruins of the very well preserved castle and tower!Kadırga Bay - KumlubükThe pristine and peaceful place where you can experience the most enjoyable moments of swimming is Kadırga Bay.You can also enjoy snorkelling in the clear blue waters of Kumlubük, where the Acropolis, the amphitheatre, the temple and the altar of Dionysus await you.Cennet IslandYou can enjoy the exquisite view of Cennet Island, covered with forests, across Yalancı Strait, which you can reach after a pleasant walk. A little paradise of truly fascinating beauty awaits you here!MarmarisWelcome back to Marmaris , where you launched forth on your blue cruise. Wishing to fall into new blue dreams together again...


MarmarisWith a marina that can accommodate 800 vessels, Marmaris is a unique destination for blue cruise enthusiasts. It is a natural harbour in the Mula province that offers a variety of water activities for you to enjoy on the blue waters. It's time to set sail on new adventures from Marmaris, the city of blue dreams, with its ancient ruins, beautiful bays, and lush greenery...Dalyan - Ekincik GulfIn the gulf of Ekincik, with its pristine pebble beach, a coastline path for nice walks, and serene natural beauty, you can sink into the most peaceful blue dreams.Dalyan is an excellent spot where you may unwind in luxury and relax in thermal springs that date back to the Roman era.Tersane Island - Adal Bay - Manastır BayFollowing your visit to Adal Bay, which has a fantastical beauty straight out of a cartoon, you may visit Manastr Bay, where you can witness the ruins of an old spa and be enthralled by the geological and distinctive environment created by a crater lake.On Tersane Island (Shipyard Island), the largest island in the Fethiye Gulf, you can observe the ruins of roughly a hundred historic homes that can be seen from both the land and the sea.Fethiye - Kzl Ada (Red Island)One of the most romantic blue cruise stopovers is Kzl Ada (Red Island), where the sun sets producing a red-hot panorama of the entire island.Fethiye, a natural harbour in the western Mediterranean, is another blue dreamland with ruins of ancient Lycian villages, the bay of Lüdeniz, world-famous for its turquoise colour that can't be seen anywhere else in the world, and wonderful beaches where you may swim to your heart's content.Yassca Island - GöcekGöcek is a tranquil, charming, and unspoiled wonder of nature, with scenery suitable for postcards made by a plethora of large and small boats moored in the harbour.Yassca Island is a tranquil area where you may enjoy the sea with your family in sheltered bays and shallow waves.Ağa Harbour – Bedri Rahmi Bay – Domuz Adas (Pig Island)Bedri Rahmi Bay's lily blooms and turquoise waves, as well as the fish painted on a rock by poet and painter Bedri Rahmi Eyübolu, welcome you to a magnificent world.On Domuz Adas, you can discover underwater ruins by diving into the azure waters (Pig Island).Swimming, fishing, and long beach walks... Ağa Harbour is the perfect address for all of these.Cennet Island - KumlubükThe Acropolis, Dionysus' shrine, and the temple in Kumlubük, where the ruins of the ancient city of Amos may be seen, are all worth seeing. Don't forget to savour delectable cuisine in restaurants with cushioned cabins on the bay, as well as diving into crystal clear waters.Cennet Island, where you can swim in beautiful waters and climb across Yalanc Strait for a breathtaking panorama, is a tiny slice of paradise.Marmaris Greetings from Marmaris, where the green and blue collide and your blue journey begins! In an entirely different blue fantasy of yours, I wish we could be together once more...


Marmaris – Hisarönü Gulf – MarmarisMarmarisFollowing a welcome cocktail during which you will meet the captain and crew on your boat in Marmaris, a site of a touristic value with its ancient ruins, long history, magnificent coves, long beach, sparkling sun and touristic facilities, you can launch forth on your blue cruise adventure.Arab Island - Kadırga BayArab Island, where the beauty of nature is not spoilt and which has clean waters and refreshing air, will be the first idyllic stopover of your blue voyage.The place where you will feel refreshed and energised in clear and cold waters is Kadırga Bay.Serçe Bay - BozukkaleYou can find the beauty of nature and peace in Serçe Bay, which has many historical ruins exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Museum.Now it is your turn to rest and free yourself from stress in Bozukkale, which was formerly a touring field for British naval ships!Dirsekbükü – BozburunA sheltered bay, a great sea ... Welcome to Dirsekbükü!The warm local life, clear air and waters of Bozburun, famous for gulet-type boat building, will make you forget how it feels to be stressed.Selimiye Bay - Orhaniye Bay - Emel Sayın BayThe blue wonder where you can walk among the ruins of a castle dating back to the Hellenistic period and enjoy the broad scenery from the observation tower is Selimiye Bay.Orhaniye Bay, which is famous for its Kızkumu Beach, will allow you to have a completely different experience with its blue beauties in a sea so deep that large boats can sail there.You will be fascinated by the terrific smell of pine trees, crystal clear waters and unique scenery in Emel Sayın Bay, where the sea is as beautiful and blue as the eyes of Emel Sayın, a Turkish classical music artist.Bencik Bay - Aktur BayThe dreamland with unique scenery inviting you to a land of fairy tales through a narrow inlet is Bencik Bay.Enjoy breathing and seeing the beauties of life in Aktur Bay, a gift from God and a place where the air is rich in oxygen!Inceburun - PalamutbüküThe view of Inceburun, where you will sit among the rocks and the wind will bring you peace, is a natural representation of freedom so to speak.A wide beach where you can sunbathe, crystal clean waters, fresh air… this is Palamutbükü. Is there anything else you need?


PROPELLER INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCEThe propeller is essential to the boat’s operation. Normally functioning propellers rotate without vibration and provide the best handling and fuel economy. Dented or damaged propellers, on the other hand, are uneconomical and can even damage the engine in the worst case.You should carefully inspect your propeller every spring and autumn during boat maintenance and keep an eye on its condition throughout the boating season. You should always check the propeller and its condition if the boat or engine has touched bottom or been subjected to some other impact.MaintenanceModern propellers are extremely durable and will not corrode easily even in challenging weather conditions. You should nevertheless detach the propeller and grease the propeller axle with high-quality, water-resistant Vaseline in connection with boat maintenance. You can file away small scuff marks on the propeller blades yourself, but propeller repairs should be left to professionals in order to maintain the balance of the boat. In case of major damage, the propeller must be replaced if a significant quantity of material is missing from the blades.Follow the engine manufacturer’s instructions for reattaching the propeller. When remounting the propeller, you should also check the oil level and radial shaft seals of the outboard engine angle transmission and the condition of the engine frame and anti-corrosive zinc anodes.Source

relax and unwind

The beat of a cellphone or the constant buzz of traffic are not the melody to your lifestyle. It is not bounded by tarmac or traffic signs. The soul you seek begins when you abandon all of those things and seek out Mother Nature's beauty and all of the positive memories she has to offer.You can get there by boat. Glide into secluded harbours and see life both above and below the water's surface. Cruise across a calm lake's mirror-like surface. Discover the serenity and tranquillity of an unspoilt, pristine shoreline. Sail across the seas — or just off into the sunset — with nothing but the wind and birds as your soundtrack.An retreat from schedules and stress, but with an infinite number of alternatives.


SAFETY DEVICESYou must ensure that your boat carries the basic safety devices required by law. Such devices include lifejackets for everyone on board, a bilge pump or baler, oars or a paddle and an anchor with rope. Motor boats with a power of more than 25 kW are also obligated to carry a portable fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 2 kg.In addition to the statutory devices, carrying the following equipment is recommended:• Compass• Distress flares• Torch• Binoculars• Lifebuoy• Nautical chart or other reliable map of the surrounding waters• Telephone• Radar reflector or mirror• Spare fuelAlso remember to ensure that your boat is registered, inspected and insured. Having your boat inspected will also save money, since insurance costs less for inspected boats. Before setting out, tell your family or another person where you are headed and how long you will be. This will prevent those remaining on shore from worrying unnecessarily. You must also remember to wear a lifejacket and other required safety devices and to act sensibly on the water, take other boaters into consideration and stay on safe lanes.Source


We used the marina Mandalina in Ibenik as a jumping-off place for exploring this area. There are several causes for this. Marina Mandalina is home to a sizable fleet of 190 boats and is located adjacent to the picturesque ibenik archipelago, which includes the island of irje to the west and the island of Murter to the north. The prominent Trogir area, as well as the famed town Skradin and the Krka National Park, are all easily accessible from Ibenik. Even if we get at our boat at 6 p.m., there is still time to cruise to one of the closest locations (4-5 nautical miles), island Zlarin. Our proposed route is as follows:Day 1: Šibenik - Island Zlarin (Saturday-Sunday) – 4NMDay 2: Zlarin to Betina – 15 NMDay 3: Betina (swim on Slanica) – Island Žirje – 17 NMDay 4: Žirje – Rogoznica – 17 NMDay 5: Rogoznica – Island Krapanj – 14 NMDay 6: Krapanj – Skradin – 15 NMDay 7: Skradin – Zaton – 5 NMDay 8: Zaton – marina Mandalina (Šibenik) – 6 NM

Sailing Route – Cyclades Islands I

Sailing Route – Cyclades Islands I From To DistanceAlimos marina Cape Sounio 23 NM Cape Sounio Kea 14 NM Kea Syros (Finikas) 41 NM Syros (Finikas) Mykonos 25 NM Mykonos Naxos 23 NM Naxos Skinoussa 19 NM Skinoussa Ios 19 NM Ios Folegandros 18 NM Folegandros Milos 37 NM Milos Sifnos 24 NM Sifnos Serifos 12 NM Serifos Kythnos 23 NM Kythnos Poros 46 NM Poros Alimos marina 29 NM Distance is measured in nautical miles (NM)A closer look at the islandsMykonosGreat beaches, windmills, and a famed nightlife make Mykonos one of the most popular Cycladic islands. Every Greek island charter itinerary includes Mykonos since it has something for everyone.NaxosThe Cycladic island of Naxos is the largest and most diverse in terms of landscapes and activities. In Saggri, the Temple of Dimitra, the Venetian Castle in Naxos Town, and the archaeological museum, the 'Portara' of the ancient Temple of Apollo are all worth seeing.SchinoussaAn extremely small and laid back island off the southern coast of Naxos is Schinoussa. For much of your time at this resort, you'll be doing nothing more than kicking back and taking it easy.IosUnlike Mykonos, where most of the pubs and clubs are concentrated in the major towns and villages, the island of Ios has a much broader range of nightlife options than those found on Mykonos. For a unique perspective on Ios, head to the large beaches on the island's east coast.FolegandrosIt's no secret that Folegandros, a small Greek island, has grown in popularity in recent years, especially among savvy tourists from Greece. In spite of the fact that only a few of Folegandros' beaches can be reached by automobile, visitors willing to hike (or perhaps charter a sailboat) can enjoy beautiful beaches without the crowds.MilosMilos is a popular sailing destination with a wide variety of activities, beautiful beaches, and a popular coastline near the town of 'Kleftiko' that is always a hit with the sailor community. Milos, in our opinion, is a must-see.SifnosWe'll sound like we're reciting the same thing over and over again! Located in the Cyclades, Sifnos is one of the most picturesque islands in the area. Sifnos, despite being a bit off the beaten path, nonetheless features a vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and awe-inspiring landscape.

Sailing Routes from Bodrum

Bodrum is a unique resort where the dream of blue cruise begins and which we see as a pristine corner of paradise to move away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to take a fresh breath in the works of the Fisherman of Halicarnassus and which Homer called as ''the land of eternal blue''...This unique place that is located in the western corner of Muğla and has distinctive white houses, magnificent bays, very old history and fun-filled night-life where people who dream about the blue cruise will want to leave themselves to the endless seas is of course a dreamland that dreamers of the blue cruise would prefer in the first place. Bodrum Blue Cruise routes which allow for changing daily tour programs according to guests' requests offer its guests a unique blue cruise experience with private bays and anchoring locations more beautiful than the other.

Sailing Routes from Fethiye

Fethiye, ruled by the Lycians, who were known as the “People of the Land of Light”, and called the “Faraway Land” in ancient times, is a tourism resort that the entire world admires with its unique natural beauty, bays containing every tone of blue, and shining sun as well as its thousands of years of historical heritage.Have your first pleasant conversations at the welcome cocktail, at which you will meet the captain and crew of the boat with which you will sail a turquoise sea where lush forests meet with blue waters. You will experience the excitement of outstanding views while parasailing, have everything that you expect from a holiday in beautiful facilities, change your perspective on life in this heavenly place where nature exhibits all its magnificence generously, and then you can start your journey on one of the Fethiye blue cruise routes.

The Advantage

The Advantages of Chartering a Yacht

Use of Trim

USE OF TRIMIf your boat is equipped with an electrical engine trim, you should familiarise yourself with its use in order to obtain all the benefits offered by the device. Trim can have a major impact on the boat’s handling and fuel economy. By trimming the engine out when driving, you can reduce water resistance until you reach the optimal running speed. To prevent the engine from cavitating and racing, you should trim the engine in a little and reduce revolutions and speed before turning.Rising to planeThe boat will rise to plane best if you keep the engine completely trimmed in. As your speed increases, you should trim the engine to reduce resistance. The best way to discover the best cruising speed for your boat is experimentation. When you reduce speed or encounter rough seas, you can trim the engine back in to lower the bow and prevent the waves from pummelling the bottom of the boat. As an exception to this general rule, you can be instructed to trim the engine out in following seas, as this will lift the boat’s bow and prevent it from cutting the waves too easily.Source

vacations on the water

For many, vacations provide a time to get out on the water with loved ones and decompress after a long or stressful year. This could mean anything from a leisurely morning spent fishing with friends to a relaxing afternoon spent floating on an inflatable with the kids.Even if you weren't exposed to boats as a child, it doesn't matter. The allure of the water remains undiminished. Boating also checks all the boxes for unforgettable weekends. You and your loved ones may spend meaningful time with each other without distractions, creating memories that can last for generations. With a group of like-minded people, you may go to your favourite neighbourhood hangout or cruise to your favourite waterfront restaurant on the weekend.Make the plans, because you're not afraid to do so, In fact, you've already organized a number of similar events.