Vancleas Boat Trailers

Who is Vanclaes

We are the developer, brand name holder and producer of the Vanclaes Stainless Steel boat trailers and Vanclaes Marina Equipment. Vanclaes produces all its products itself in Alphen aan den Rijn in NETHERLANDS. Fast, affordable and also high-quality performance is top sport and not just for every company. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid at Vanclaes to the production of the various products.


With a premium product you may demand top quality. State-of-the-art components, construction methods and assembly techniques contribute to premium quality in every detail. Every Vanclaes is produced entirely in-house with the most modern methods. Carefully selected suppliers ensure a constant quality of the materials. The precision is guaranteed by the most modern laser cutting techniques. In addition, Vanclaes only opts for the most modern and sustainable preservation methods such as KTL and powder coating.

Better Functionalities.

Vanclaes makes the ins and outs with a boat trailer easier and more accessible for you. Our products take care of the hassle along the waterside and on the road for you and provide you with unprecedented ease and comfort during use.

High quality and reliability.

Vanclaes builds and delivers 100% premium products with a long service life with a very high reliability and is therefore exceptional within the international boat trailer market.

Aesthetically and ergonomically well and beautifully made.

If a product still costs a little more, it must at least look like this and feel like that when used. The practical, but often also the particularly beautiful design and the used materials, makes a Vanclaes product so characteristic and unique.