We offer the insurance coverage that best meets your needs based on the type of boat or yacht, navigation region, purposes, and operating characteristics.

We made a point of emphasising the distinction between a yacht and a boat. In practise, these definitions can be interpreted rather differently in different situations. It makes no difference to SoleMarin whether you choose to insure a RIB, day cruiser boat, sail yacht, catamaran, or power yacht for extended voyages. We only sell things that we personally use.

Insurance Of People On Board

1. International coverage for the insured yacht and yachts taken in charter by the policy holder.

2. The policyholder (owner), skipper, crew members and guests are considered as insured persons.

3. Double payment in case of getting an almost complete disability.

4. Surcharge to 3000 euro for rescue operations.

5. Payment of medical fees and hospital services, including surgery and dentist.

Additional Options

1. Insurance of charter risks (commercial use of a yacht).

2. Insurance of loss of the charter (commercial use of the yacht).

3. Insurance of equipment.

4. Additional insurance of power plants (engines), for new yachts may be included free of charge for the first 35 months.

5. Insurance against cases of confiscation, wars and strikes.

Insurance Plan "Basic Coverage" 

1. Personal responsibility of the skipper and other persons authorized to manage the fusion. means.

2. Possession and operation of dinghy with engine power up to 5 hp.

3. Responsibility for towing on water skiing and lifting from the water of the kite.

4. The personal responsibility of the water skier during his towing of the auxiliary melt. means.

5. Liability for damage caused during participation in regattas or transportation to the venue of the regatta.

6. Liability of persons from damage that may be caused to another boat in distress during the rescue operation, if only such a rescue operation is carried out at the request of the person in distress.

7. Claims of third parties in case of damage to their property or life and health, from the actions of the policyholder, in cases not caused by industrial accidents of the policyholder.

8. The liability of the policyholder from direct or indirect impact, which caused damage to nature, including pollution of groundwater.

Insurance of RIBs

Light weight and a stiff body are two characteristics of RIBs. They are extremely popular as a result of this. The dangers associated with RIB operation are relatively considerable due to powerful engines and rapid speeds, thus we designated them as a unique group.